Up 'Schmitt Creek

Another fine mess...

he MEC AGM took place last month, a virtual rerun of 2010. In some respects this is good, as it indicates a degree of stability; less so in others, as largely the same issues of more jobs to do than people to do them were still alive for debate. Happily the subscription rates remain unchanged.

The reports and notes that were presented are all available to members on the club website (you must log in) in the Committee Notes section.

Also shortly to become available online is another batch of Bernard Beeston's archive which arrived for scanning and posting, giving (once complete) a total of 20 articles — still not yet half the total that Bernard has contributed over the years!

I'm afraid I never did catch up with the missed month back in the spring, and so the 2011 Volume of Take Off will close with just five issues. However, this month we've got a fairly hefty mag so I hope you don't feel too short changed.

Over the year there has been another good range of contributors to Take Off and so, like last year, I'll just take a moment to acknowledge the following people (in no particular order); Jack Veeke, Nick Poll, Bernard Beeston, Alan Town, Ralph Hough, Stuart Cyphus, Mick Harris, Ian Jenkins, Peter Darby and, of course, Alan Hitchcock and Tony Yates for their regular input.


It's nearly the New Year so subscription renewal time is here again for those of you whose subs were paid up to the end of 2011. No change in rate this year, so the choice of membership remains:

UK Postal
Overseas Postal
Internet Only
You can renew via PayPal at www.messerschmittclub.org, or fill out and return the form enclosed with this issue of Take Off (or download and print a copy from the website) along with a cheque.

The contributions to this issue have come entirely from the committee members — which is partly my fault for the epic story of my KR200's floor.

There are also two, err, let's call the `bonus' articles, the first being the item related to this month's cover. Many of you will have seen it on the website already, but it's such a good photo I new it would have to go on the cover one day. Well, now its time has come.

The other is a reprint of a rather glowing review of the then new Prior Viscount scooter from Motor Cycling with Scooter Weekly of 1960 that Big Al acquired along with an owners' manual. The common ground between this scooter and Messerschmitts is the Sachs engine which the article discusses a bit, but it's also interesting to look back on the market for vehicles of this type into which the 'schmitt fitted when it was in production.

See you next year! Mark