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Badsey BulletBadsey Bullet

emember the item a couple of months ago that talked about the Badsey Bullet? I'm happy to report that the current owner of the Bullet, Steven Mandell, has been in contact with news of these interesting vehicles and their creator — here's his email, and my reply.

Hi Tony

I heard through Alan Hitchcock, or "Big Al" on the Rumcars blog re: world's fastest microcar, that you did a piece in the Dec 2010 issue of Take Off on the Badsey Bullet. Was there also a mention of it in Karoscene?

I am not a member of your club seeing as I am not a Messerschmitt owner (come close by owning a Nobel 200 as far as the engine goes that is). Therefore I am denied access to these article(s)

I would be very interested to see them as I am the person that bought the Badsey Bullet prototype in December 2010 after first seeing it and spending much time with its creator at the 1982 Los Angeles Auto show.

I have spent most of my spare time since I finally acquired it re-engineering some interior panels and improving the fit of the cockpit cowls. It is all coming together nicely (literally), and I expect to have it all back in one piece again in the next couple of weeks. Needless to say I have had ample opportunity to familiarize myself with many of its engineering details.

I was also given the entire collection of video tapes, photographs and promotional materials and even a racing suit as a legacy passed down from "Wild Bill" so I am able to research items of interest.

Please allow me the opportunity to contribute as I do feel the obligation to carry on Bill's legacy but as yet have not been able to view your article(s)

Sincerely Yours,
Steven Mandell (USA)

Hi Steven,

It is very good of you to get in touch and your story makes a nice postscript to the article.

I've attached a copy of the article taken from the `electronic' version of our Club Magazine, Take Off, which appears on KaroScene. Most of what is in the article is probably well known to you but my particular interest was a possible `local' connection to the village of Badsey, which is not too far from me and adjacent to where we have a monthly get-together of Microcar and Three-wheeler enthusiasts. It was Big Al who first mentioned the Badsey Bullet and although my research didn't turn up much to start with, I tracked down a message from "Wild Bill" on the Village `visitors book' which set off the train of events!

I realised the Prototype was up for sale back in November so it is interesting that the person who purchased it has got in touch. I'm sure that we would welcome your contribution should you wish to pass something on to us. You are of course welcome to join the Club too, which is open not only to owners of Messerschmitts, but also prospective owners and those who are just fascinated by these unique motor vehicles from an interesting period of world history. We have recently introduced an `Internet Only Membership' which for just £5 Sterling (Pay Pal accepted), gives you full access to our website, the ability to download our magazine 'Take-Off' and access to everything else the Club offers.

I look forward to hearing more from you and especially your experiences with the `Bullet'.