Secretary's scribblings.

It's Been a While

ust over two years in fact since Gassing last appeared in Take Off. I found two abortive attempts to write one; in April and then in June 2008, before life took over! With our new Take Off, I've been 'encouraged' to take to the keyboard once more! (Technical tip: the Sachs 200 crank case halves make excellent thumb-screws — Ed)

At the Nosh 2010At the Nosh 2010I have to confess that very little has happened on the Gassing Microcar front in all that time. The last big 'three-wheeled' happening was back in August last year when Gassing's entire collection of cars, parts, tools and assorted bric-a-brac de-camped from Chipping Campden to an address in Upper Slaughter, where they returned to their respective general slumbers!

The coldest winter for 30 years intervened to make both our London and Southern Area Christmas Meal at the England's Rose, Postcombe and the Club's traditional seasonal 'Nosh' at Ye Olde Leathern Bottel, Lewknor, challenging to get to, to say the least. We managed a 'full house' on the 22nd December despite treacherous icy condition and road closures due to heavy snowfalls during the day. The snow returned with a vengeance during the week after New Year and only Mark Hindell, dosed up on pain killers to counter a back problem, braving the trip to Lewknor on the 10th January! Not to be defeated by the weather, for the first time in living memory, we decided to reconvene a month later and on the 7th of February, thankfully in the fine weather conditions that the 'Nosh-goers' are more familiar with, we reconvened at Ye Olde Leathern Bottel. A select gathering it has to be said, namely the usual group from the England's Rose, Peter and Joyce Darby, Big Al, Roger Hall, Mark (again), Stuart Cyphus, myself and Denise (a little more mobile but still suffering the consequences of her unfortunate experience 18 months previously).

The two 'Club Nights' I get to, being the 'London/South East Area Messerschmitt Night', now based 'permanently' at the England's Rose and the new 'Microcar' meet at the Fleece Inn, Bretforton are both lively affairs. The Fleece Inn meet, especially, is going from strength to strengthThe Fleece Inn meet, especially, is going from strength to strength with nine Micronauts at the February meeting including new member and 'schmitt owner, Mike Baggott and all the way from Grimsby, Area Rep. Jon Hunt. This meet endeavours to unite all Microcar Enthusiasts on the third Wednesday of each month and during the summer months, we will combine with the Fleece Inn's monthly Vintage and Classic Car drive-in. For an update on both these meetings, please 'phone me on 07973 448023 or e-mail

Next time a bit more on the joys of winter driving in the 'schmitt based on my experiences during the last really hard winter (in 1979 I assume) when 7935MK was my only means of getting around under my own 'steam' and a tale of 'grips', the bane of those using rural roads in small cars!

Keep on 'Schmitting!