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Sheds and Events

Following the Comtesse mayhem at Gaydon here's more Micro event news...

he invisible 'schmitters also decided not to attend the MEC Rally in Lincolnshire. Like our club night at Bretforton and Gaydon the Trojans easily outnumbered the 'schmitts despite being rarer. I had 'phone calls asking why I was not present. Inevitably I had committed to dismantle and remove a 47 1/2' by 17' oak framed garage around the time of this event but dependant on the builders. Shed Envy: Alan's Oak Garage. If sheds like this do it for you then click for more pictures.Shed Envy: Alan's Oak Garage. If sheds like this do it for you then click for more pictures.Of course in the event the job landed on that weekend so with three BUMS over four days we did the job leaving a cleared site, even taking the special bricks. The builders were waiting to tear up the concrete as soon as we were clear of the site so no margin for mucking about. This garage will hopefully rebuild with minor changes into my permanent storage facility on site and thus seeing me save £1,850 a year in storage charges — all for £3,000, a bargain. Not only that but it is a positive enhancement to the property and I can copy the construction if I decide to make a smaller version to go in the front garden. I cannot stress how great it will be to have all my cars and a rental property all gathered around my dwelling. From there one can really plan ahead for restorations and adventures instead of spending half the time running around in circles.

Touching on the subject of remote storage I can confirm that the guy who stole my 'schmitt has confessed to it and is currently in prison awaiting trial. Like AP said, he nicked the car off the wrong guy and thanks again for everyone's help in getting the situation resolved.

So what do the MEC membership and 'schmitters at large want as an event? Clearly what is on offer at the Bubblecar Museum is not pulling them in. An event is easy enough to organise but if the support is poor you have to wonder who is going to bother to do it. We have several possible venues round here and it would seem to be a slightly more active area for Schmitts but not so for other vehicles. I still wonder if the Cotswold Wildlife Park could not be revisited as it was always a popular event and now seems pretty economical compared with prices I hear banded about. On the other hand we could double up with the Trojan Club at Gaydon, which is simple to access and might suit the HTC Ltd as well. I will not hold my breath for feedback.

Bath Rally was next up and this time there was a reasonably healthy showing of Messeschmitts though a dearth of MEC members among them. Numbers were restricted as the event clashed with Goodwood Festival of Speed, which has to be one of the premier events of the Classic Car calendar. Unfortunately as such it pulls in a lot of people who are there to be seen and who are, frankly, not that interesting. If you can get round the back of the pits or in the Parc Ferme you find the genuine petrol heads who spend the weekend screwing all the machinery back together after it has been broken by the exhibitors, far more interesting really.

The situation mirrored by chums Jim and Sid who were supporting the Top Gear Vincent to Scotland run with a blood wagon. What ended up on the editors floor sounded a lot more interesting than what was shown to viewers but, tisk, I forget, it is not a program about cars as such but a light hearted skip of three laddos playing with cars. Jim was seen starting the Vincent for Hamster (he couldn't do it) and the real reason it failed to perform is because the experts had fitted the incorrect plugs. Should have left it to Jim who is not an expert on Vincents but does know what he is doing. Once he had been through it at the side of the road it worked correctly but too late to uphold the honour of Vincents in the face of a Jaguar XK and a brand new Steam locomotive (and therefore the only one allowed to do 70 mph on the mainline — health and safety). Both Goodwood and Top Gear cater for the laddo element at the expense of genuine enthusiasts I think. But both offer entertainment and at least a popular common ground for interest.

Meanwhile Bath suffered a bit of a now expected stunted turn out according to some. Personally, given the limited interactive advertising I thought it was a pretty fair turnout myself. Certainly enough interesting folks to keep me entertained for a whole day without lunch. The site was divided between the really rather expensive campers who seemed to have compounds restricting the owners to that area and the old campervan group who tend to be more the trade arm and therefore milling about the cars and other older campervans up to mischief. In this mix were three or four cars driven down from as far as Harrogate under their own power with tents for accommodation — none were 'schmittsIn this mix were three or four cars driven down from as far as Harrogate under their own power with tents for accommodation — none were 'schmitts and again the Trienkelnauts put forward their claim to be the keenest owners. About half the 'schmitts present had driven under their own power from around the area and south coast. The missing Brian Perry was noticeable by his absence as this was his home event and even on years where he was not at all fit his humour and enthusiasm was on site motivating others. We just have to get used to him not being about anymore.

Next year is going to be 25 years of the Bath Rally and it remains a friendly worthwhile event. It needs a bit of a lift and some more support and maybe this anniversary will see it become more of the popular destination that it used to be. With a shift in my interest from National to local events I guess I have a vested interest and I was not the only one voicing the opinion so there could be greater things in store for Bath.

The 24th to the 26th offers some adventure in the Cotswolds for those who want it. The MOC is holding its National Rally at Lynham near Shipton under Wychwood over the weekend. They have a drive out ending at St John's Lock, Lechlade on Saturday. The Trojan Owners Club have their Oxfordshire Rally on the Sunday so if static 'schmitts are not your thing then get yourself over to Fyfield on the A420 and join the Trojans who are off to Burford via Shilton Ford and then a drift through the Cotswolds before ending up for a late lunch (TOC members only so your own nosh would be required while the area would be available for visiting non TOC folks) at Farmoor. The BUMS will be in support of the TOC run and I will probably see the 'schmitters in the days before. Promises to be good fun.