Up 'Schmitt Creek

Another fine mess...

Graham's KR200

Graham Taylor's KR200Graham Taylor's KR200

robably the hottest day of the year so far today (I've not checked, but it seemed so to me) and not a cloud in the sky — perfect conditions for catching some photos of Messerschmitts. So, here are a few I took of Graham 'MEC Treasurer' Taylor's 1956 KR200.

This car is of particular interest to me as it is the same year of manufacture as my own TLF 845 and also because its colour is probably the same as that with which TLF 845 originally left the factory. I can't be sure - all that was left of the original colour was a few flecks on the firewall behind the wiring clips.

Seeing YHU 42 is the first time I've ever considered what my car would be like if restored in its original colour. It's been Fiat Azurro blue ever since I've owned it and in the past has been a bright yellow. I've always thought that there were too many red 'schmitts around and I'd rather have something different, but now... Hmmm, maybe I should've stayed home today.