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Feel the Width

nd a month later, we had the opportunity of seeing Mike's new Carlos Fandango rear wheel fitted and working at the January club night at the Shire Horse on the A4 at Maidenhead — photos are courtesy of Tony. It was a bit dark, a bit late, and a bit cold, and since most folks present were already more than familiar with the nether regions of a KR200 we didn't dwell outside too long — after all, we were standing outside a perfectly good pub! However, the wider wheel certainly looked the part, and the much squarer tyre profile means much more contact with the road and, Mike reports, much better stability.

Be the King of the Road...

ith this Russell Church super wide wheel! Mike Grossman humped this along to our recent London/South East club evening so we could all have a nose at it. And jolly fine it is too, constructed from two separate rims welded together with laser cut holes in the centre plate for the hub and studs. Ought to take an eight inch tyre and won't use an inner tube. Since it appears that replacement rear wheels are hard to come by these days, if you need a wheel (and you really don't want to be driving on an iffy elderly rim as rear wheel/tyre failures can be very bad news indeed) you might want to get on to Russell and see if he's got any left.

Fixing a Hole

ar back in the murky depths of prehistory (1986 to be precise) when I first bought my KR200 it was, so it turned out once money had changed hands, not a complete car after all but, in fact, a loosely related collection of components placed in a pile in order to look like a complete car. I have some aged photographs kicking about somewhere of the bits, once purchased and transported home, scattered all over the garden.

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